Friday, May 18, 2012

The Cockatiel and the Sparrows

Once there was a cockatiel who lived with humans.  They kept her in her cage most of the time, but cared for her, fed her, watered her, and bathed her.  Despite this she continually longed for the freedom of the great outdoors and envied the sparrows who flew by the window she looked out every day.

One day she made her escape.  The woman had taken her out while she cleaned the cage.  Just then, the man came home.  Because they had neglected to clip her wing feathers, the foolish bird flew out the door.

Some months later, she gathered with some sparrows around a feeder in the dead of winter.

One of them asked her,  "Why did you leave your comfortable home?  I looked in on you last winter--warm and secure.  To be honest I always envied you."

Moral:  You only want it cause you ain't got it!