Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Victory

"Why do you have to fight with me over everything?" Doug asked his wife.  "Why do you have to contradict me?"

"I don't fight with you all the time," Monique replied.  "And I don't contradict you."

"Well you are driving me crazy.  You sure know how to push my buttons!"

Monique continued polishing her lengthy nails a lovely shade of jade green.  "I do nothing.  You push your own buttons.  You drive yourself crazy."

"Oh....never mind.  I have a really bad headache," Doug mumbled.

"You mean you choose to have a really bad headache."  Monique smiled sweetly.  Picking up a copy of Therapy Today she fanned the hand with damp fingernails.

When Doug left the bedroom for the night she gave a happy sigh.  One more victory.