Monday, April 23, 2012

Making and Taking Time to Write, Part One

Now that you have seen some samples of my creative stuff, I am going to share some practical tips on how I find time to write.  I plan on doing this every Monday from now on.   Wednesdays and Fridays will be BAU (business as usual.)    For one thing I don't have a full-time job or any kids.  I always wanted to have children, but Mr. Right never materialized and I didn't want to be a single mommy.  It has worked out well for developing my writing style though.  Maybe something bad has happened to you that might be turned to similar advantage.

Have you been laid off work?  Instead of spending the day on soap operas, concentrate on your writing.  Did your spouse leave you or did your boyfriend/girlfriend break up with you?  Instead of crying or reading syrupy romances, concentrate on your writing.  Are you finally realizing at 40 that you will never experience the joys of motherhood?  Instead of envying all the happy families, concentrate on your writing.

I have decided to become a "professional" rather than a hobbyist and spend more time writing.  Despite my single status, I will have to say "No" sometimes to friends and extended family members who imagine I have too much free time on my hands....

Here are five tips on how to streamline your schedule to make room for your novel, book, or other writing of choice.

  1. Don't spend more time on your personal appearance than you have to.  Get a nice, low-mainenance haircut that you won't have to  spend much effort on in the morning.  Cull your jewelry down to 2-3 favorite pieces, so you won't have to spend so much time deciding which to wear.  If you wear makeup, concentrate on highlighting your best feature.  I have nice smooth skin that I use just a splash of water and a light lotion on.
  2. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine.  Instead of spending two hours at the gym, clean your own house and save on gas by walking everywhere.  Do your own yardwork.  Do your own workout routine at home, by dancing to music and lifting heavy reference books for weights.
  3. Cut back on your television.  Better yet, eliminate it entirely.  Cable costs too much anyhow.
  4. If possible, refuse overtime at work.  You might even ask for part-time hours if you have read up on frugal living and are daring enough to live below your meager means.
  5. Make a priority list of the top five things in your life in order of importance.  Say no to anything that isn't at least related to one of the things on that list.
I hope these things will come in useful for anyone who wants to write or engage in some other meaningful art form.  Are there any other time saving suggestions you would like to make?

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